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Canadian Law Resources

LawQX provides Canadians accessible and easy to understand law content. 

Launched in 2020, we aim to be the industry leading website Canadians turn to for free legal content.

Further product launches are planned for Q4 2020 on canada.lawqx.com  

Use of LawQX will be free FOREVER.

Trusted Legal Knowledge

Lawers, Paralegals and Law Students

The original content on LawQX is published by law professionals and law students. To ensure completeness, all of the content published on LawQX is edited by thought-leading lawyers who still practice the law in Canada. 

lawqx about us



LawQX was founded by lawyers in Toronto, Ontario in 2020. The mission of LawQX is to disrupt the legal market by offering free knowledge, know-how, legal documents and other resources that were once prohibitively expensive.


How can you offer free content?

All services will be free to the public. However, lawyers will pay to sponsor posts and profiles. In addition, there may be ads or affiliate links which pay us a small percent of a sale if you buy the product (like a text book) that we link to. 

How can I write for LawQX?

Contact us here.

Who writes the content on LawQX?

Lawyers, paralegals and law students write the content on LawQX. More senior lawyers edit and review all content. 

Why are the founders and most LawQX authors anonymous?

As LawQX offers free legal knowledge, not free legal services, we do not want users to contact us for follow up questions or legal advice or to ask for a lawyer-client relationship. We found that some users would email LawQX staff or LawQX authors at their law firm asking about legal help, but we could not respond because that is not the service LawQX is offering. We provide the knowledge, what you do with it is your responsibility. We will never respond to comments or questions. 

I noticed an error on LawQX, how can I contact you?

Please use the form below if you would like to let us know we made a mistake. However, please note, we cannot respond. 

  • Please copy the page you found the error on.
  • Please describe the error you found.

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